Parlay — An urban think tank for civic engagment

The launch of the Parlay conversation series has been a long time coming. What started off as a dream, has been brought to fruition in a cosmically magical way, with the generous partnership of several entities and in concert the energy and expertise garnered by our first round of panelists. I am infinitely thankful for the overwhelming support and confidence in this venture.

Every month, Parlay's topic will stay the same: A conversation about leveraging Black capital and social influence, from the millennial perspective. However, since our goal is to offer a diverse set of opinions into the discourse, the contributors and panelists will rotate each month. As Parlay grows, it is our goal that attendance at these events will be comprised of individuals across industries who are advocates of, and/or poised to support & promote the subject matter from their own positions of influence. I'm proud to report that we've had an overwhelmingly positive response in RSVP's. In addition to bearing witness to the ideas shared from the panelists, the audience is a vital participant in the tangible outcomes of each Parlay, as we are infusing real-time engagement via social media and audience participation to enhance the collective experience. Also, in acknowledging how important setting the atmosphere for substantive, progressive conversations like this, we have curated an exclusive soundtrack for #ParlayLA that will be mixed live during the event, as well as available via download for all attendees post-event. 

We have no doubt that Parlay is going to change the game - and are excited that you'll be with us to ante up!


Meet The Panelists